Proyecto PAPIIT IN 304516

Recursos metodológicos para la investigación sociológica con medios audiovisuales en México.

Photo: Giulia Lacolutti



• Provide social researchers with theoretical and methodological inputs that allow them to construct and approach different objects of study of interest to the six disciplines taught in the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences.

• Provide assistance in theoretical, methodological and technical aspects to social researchers who wish to use multimedia tools or who wish to produce and analyze images for the scientific study of the social.

• Disseminate the results of this research, through the publication of two books and a multimedia product with the knowledge generated by researchers, teachers and students referred to social, political and cultural phenomena that discuss the sociologically constructed image.

• To promote social research based on audiovisual documents through research lines such as the biographical method, the genres of memory and textual and audiovisual narratives as new forms of scientific knowledge.



  • Gloria Atenco

  • Hans Leguízamo 

  • Gerardo Emmanuel Ramírez

  • Anna Lee Mraz 

  • Carlos Ímaz & Manuel Ortiz 

  • Eugenio Funes 

  • Eduardo Barraza

  • Chloé Constant & Giulia Lacolutti

  • Isabel Sanginés

  • María Fernanda Carrillo

  • Sergio Varela Hernández

  • Eduardo Barraza

  • Karla Lechuga

  • Alejandra Bazúa

  • Ana Victoria



Social Research, Pictures & Technology

Alejandro Méndez Rodríguez

Transsexual women in detention: female bodies in the Penitentiary of Mexico City.

Socióloga: Dra. Chloé Constant
Fotógrafa: Mtra. Giulia Iacolutti

Process of return and return of the documentary in contexts of conflict. The case of the documentary "Singers. Memories of life and death in Colombia".

María Fernanda Carrillo Sánchez


Eduardo Barraza

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