- Bring theoretical, methodological and technical assistance to social researchers and journalists who are keen on using multimedia tools to tell a story or would like to produce and analyze images for the scientific study of social themes.


- Disseminate, through audiovisual materials and other resources, the knowledge generated by researchers, professors and students of political and social sciences.


- Promote social research based on: audiovisual documents, biographical methods, memory based genre and textual and visual narratives.

About us

Multimedia Laboratory for Social Research


This lab will serve as a platform for the training and skill building of multimedia production – photography, videos, sound and text-- while researching and documenting themes of interest to the 5 majors offered at the Department of  Social and Political Science at the UNAM: Sociology, Communications Sciences, Political Science, International Relations and Public Administration.


Herejías Políticas

Critical analysis program that seeks to bring a sociological perspective of events to facilitate understanding.

CSS Coordination

Team Work

Sergio Varela Hernandéz
Dr. Carlos Ímaz Gispert
Arturo Rodríguez Rodríguez
Executive Director
Manuel Ortíz Escámez
Audio and Video
Hans Leguízamo
Norma Vivas
Maria Fernanda Meza Maldonado
Albert Agustín Chargoy Aguilar
Karla Estefany Quintana Rosales
Mario Jossef Piña
Luis Fernando Gómez
Axel Granados
Community Manager


María Laura Pacheco M.
Dra. Mina A. Navarro Trujillo
Anna Lee Mraz Bartra
Rodolfo Bautista García
Yvonne Jessica Alatorre Guerrero
Lopez Chu Rolando
Eugenio Funes Romero
Guillermo Hernández Sánchez
Eduardo Pedroza Viscaya
Laura Verónica Bretón López
Mariana Juárez Angel